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com::icl::saxon::style::XSLStyleSheet Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::icl::saxon::style::XSLStyleSheet:

com::icl::saxon::style::StyleElement com::icl::saxon::tree::ElementWithAttributes com::icl::saxon::expr::StaticContext com::icl::saxon::tree::ElementImpl com::icl::saxon::om::ElementInfo com::icl::saxon::tree::ParentNodeImpl com::icl::saxon::om::ElementInfo com::icl::saxon::om::NodeInfo com::icl::saxon::tree::NodeImpl com::icl::saxon::om::NodeInfo com::icl::saxon::om::NodeInfo

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Detailed Description

An xsl:stylesheet or xsl:transform element in the stylesheet.

Definition at line 18 of file XSLStyleSheet.java.

Public Member Functions

void addChild (NodeImpl node, int index)
void addNamespaceNodes (ElementInfo owner, Vector list, NodeInfo stop) throws SAXException
void allocateLocalSlots (int n)
int allocateSlotNumber ()
void allowAttributes (String[] allowed) throws SAXException
Node appendChild (Node newChild) throws DOMException
void checkEmpty () throws SAXException
void checkNotTopLevel () throws SAXException
void checkTopLevel () throws SAXException
void checkWithinTemplate () throws SAXException
Node cloneNode (boolean deep)
void compact (int size)
void copy (Outputter out) throws SAXException
void copyStringValue (Outputter out) throws SAXException
void defaultAction (Context c) throws SAXException
void dropChildren ()
String expandChildren (Context context) throws SAXException
boolean forwardsCompatibleModeIsEnabled () throws SAXException
String getAbsoluteName ()
NodeInfo[] getAllChildNodes ()
final NodeInfo getAncestor (Pattern pat, Context c) throws SAXException
final ElementInfo getAncestor (Name name)
String getAttribute (String name)
AttributeCollection getAttributeList ()
Attr getAttributeNode (String name)
Attr getAttributeNodeNS (String namespaceURI, String localName)
String getAttributeNS (String namespaceURI, String localName)
NamedNodeMap getAttributes ()
String getAttributeValue (String name)
String getAttributeValue (Name name)
NodeList getChildNodes ()
int getColumnNumber ()
DecimalFormatManager getDecimalFormatManager ()
String getDisplayName ()
Element getDocumentElement ()
DocumentInfo getDocumentRoot ()
NodeList getElementsByTagName (String name)
NodeList getElementsByTagNameNS (String namespaceURI, String localName)
final Name getExpandedName ()
final NodeInfo getFirstChild (Pattern pattern, Context c) throws SAXException
Node getFirstChild ()
XSLStyleSheet getImporter ()
final int getIndex ()
String getInheritedAttribute (Name name) throws SAXException
KeyManager getKeyManager ()
final NodeInfo getLastChild (Pattern pattern, Context c) throws SAXException
Node getLastChild ()
int getLength ()
int getLineNumber ()
int getLineNumber ()
String getLocalName ()
String getMediaType ()
int getMinImportPrecedence ()
Node getNamedItem (String name)
Node getNamedItemNS (String uri, String localName)
String getNamespaceURI ()
NodeInfo getNextInDocument (NodeInfo anchor)
final NodeInfo getNextSibling (Pattern pattern, Context c) throws SAXException
Node getNextSibling ()
String getNodeName ()
final short getNodeType ()
String getNodeValue ()
int getNumberAny (Pattern count, Pattern from, Context context) throws SAXException
Vector getNumberMulti (Pattern count, Pattern from, Context context) throws SAXException
int getNumberOfChildren ()
int getNumberSimple ()
int getNumberSimple (Context context)
int getNumberSingle (Pattern count, Pattern from, Context context) throws SAXException
Document getOwnerDocument ()
final Node getParentNode ()
String getPath ()
int getPrecedence ()
final String getPrefix ()
String getPrefixForURI (String uri)
PreparedStyleSheet getPreparedStyleSheet ()
PreviewManager getPreviewManager ()
final NodeInfo getPreviousInDocument (Pattern pattern, Context c) throws SAXException
NodeInfo getPreviousInDocument ()
final NodeInfo getPreviousSibling (Pattern pattern, Context c) throws SAXException
Node getPreviousSibling ()
String getPublicId ()
RuleManager getRuleManager ()
long getSequenceNumber ()
String getSequentialKey ()
Stripper getStripper ()
String getSystemId ()
final String getSystemId ()
String getTagName ()
Vector getTopLevel ()
final String getURI ()
String getURIforPrefix (String prefix) throws SAXException
String getValue ()
String getVersion () throws SAXException
boolean hasAttribute (String name)
boolean hasAttributeNS (String namespaceURI, String localName)
boolean hasAttributes ()
boolean hasChildNodes ()
boolean hasName (Name name)
void initialise (Name name, AttributeCollection atts, NodeInfo parent, String baseURI, int lineNumber, int sequenceNumber) throws SAXException
void initialiseBindery (Bindery bindery) throws SAXException
Node insertBefore (Node newChild, Node refChild) throws DOMException
final boolean isa (int nodeType)
boolean isAncestor (NodeInfo other)
boolean isDocumentElement ()
boolean isExcludedNamespace (String uri) throws SAXException
boolean isExtensionNamespace (String uri) throws SAXException
boolean isFirstChild ()
boolean isFirstInGroup ()
boolean isInstruction ()
boolean isLastChild ()
boolean isLastInGroup ()
boolean isSameNode (NodeInfo other)
boolean isSupported (String feature, String version)
boolean isTopLevel () throws SAXException
Node item (int index)
AttributeInfo makeAttributeNode (Name attributeName)
Name makeName (String tag, boolean useDefault) throws SAXException
final Name makeName (String qname, boolean useDefault) throws SAXException
NameTest makePrefixTest (String wildcard) throws SAXException
final NameTest makePrefixTest (String wildcard) throws SAXException
void normalize ()
void outputNamespaceNodes (Outputter out) throws SAXException
void prepareAttributes () throws SAXException
void preprocess () throws SAXException
void process (Context context) throws SAXException
void processAllAttributes () throws SAXException
final void processAttributes () throws SAXException
void processChildren (Context context) throws SAXException
void removeAttribute (String name)
Attr removeAttributeNode (Attr oldAttr) throws DOMException
void removeAttributeNS (String namespaceURI, String localName) throws DOMException
Node removeChild (Node oldChild) throws DOMException
void removeChild (int index)
Node removeNamedItem (String name) throws DOMException
Node removeNamedItemNS (String uri, String localName) throws DOMException
void removeNode () throws SAXException
void renumberChildren ()
Node replaceChild (Node newChild, Node oldChild) throws DOMException
void reportAbsence (String attribute) throws SAXException
boolean requiresXSLprefix ()
void setAttribute (String name, String value) throws DOMException
Attr setAttributeNode (Attr newAttr) throws DOMException
Attr setAttributeNodeNS (Attr newAttr) throws DOMException
void setAttributeNS (String namespaceURI, String qualifiedName, String value) throws DOMException
void setImporter (XSLStyleSheet importer)
void setLineNumber (int line)
Node setNamedItem (Node arg) throws DOMException
Node setNamedItemNS (Node arg) throws DOMException
void setNamespaceDeclarations (String[] namespaces, int namespacesUsed) throws SAXException
void setNodeValue (String nodeValue) throws DOMException
void setPrecedence (int prec)
void setPrefix (String prefix) throws DOMException
void setPreparedStyleSheet (PreparedStyleSheet sheet)
void setPreviewManager (PreviewManager pm)
void setWasIncluded ()
void spliceIncludes () throws SAXException
void substituteFor (StyleElement temp) throws SAXException
boolean supports (String feature, String version)
String toString ()
void updateOutputDetails (OutputDetails details) throws SAXException
void useChildrenArray (NodeImpl[] array)
void validate () throws SAXException
void validateSubtree () throws SAXException
boolean wasIncluded ()
The absolute name of the variable (prefixed by namespace URI)
Bind a variable used in this element to the XSLVariable element in which it is declared

a Binding for the variable
SAXException if the variable has not been declared

Binding bindVariable (String name) throws SAXException
The absolute name of the variable (prefixed by namespace URI)
Bind a variable used in this element to the XSLVariable element in which it is declared

a Binding for the variable, or null if it has not been declared

Function getStyleSheetFunction (Name name) throws SAXException
Binding getVariableBinding (String name) throws SAXException
Enumeration[] getVariableNames () throws SAXException

Static Public Member Functions

static String getNodeTypeName (int type)

Static Public Attributes

static final short ATTRIBUTE = 2
static final short COMMENT = 8
static final short DOCUMENT = 4
static final short ELEMENT = 1
static final short NAMESPACE = 9
static final short NODE = 0
static final short NONE = 9999
static final short NUMBER_OF_TYPES = 10
static final short PI = 7
static final short TEXT = 3

Protected Member Functions

boolean definesExcludedNamespace (String namespace) throws SAXException
boolean definesExtensionElement (String namespace) throws SAXException
void disallowUpdate () throws DOMException
void findAttributeSets (String use) throws SAXException
XSLNamespaceAlias getNamespaceAlias (String uri) throws SAXException
final NodeInfo getNthChild (int n)
XSLStyleSheet getPrincipalStyleSheet () throws SAXException
Expression handleSortKeys (Expression select) throws SAXException
void processAttributeSets (Context context) throws SAXException
void processExcludedNamespaces () throws SAXException
void processExtensionElementAttribute () throws SAXException
void processVersionAttribute () throws SAXException
SAXException styleError (String message)
SAXException styleError (SAXException error)

Static Protected Member Functions

static String alphaKey (int value)

Protected Attributes

AttributeCollection attributeList
Vector attributeSets = null
Name fullName
int index
String[] namespaceList = null
ParentNodeImpl parent
int sequence
String version = null

Static Protected Attributes

static NodeInfo[] emptyArray = new NodeInfo[0]
static final Name SAXONTRACE = Name.reconstruct("saxon", Namespace.SAXON, "trace")

Private Attributes

DecimalFormatManager decimalFormatManager = new DecimalFormatManager()
XSLStyleSheet importer = null
KeyManager keyManager = new KeyManager()
int largestStackFrame = 0
String mediaType
int minImportPrecedence = 0
int numberOfVariables = 0
int precedence = 0
PreviewManager previewManager = null
RuleManager ruleManager = new RuleManager()
Stripper stripper = new Stripper()
PreparedStyleSheet stylesheet
Vector topLevel
boolean usesAliases = false
boolean wasIncluded = false

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