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com::icl::saxon::aelfred::XmlParser Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Parse XML documents and return parse events through call-backs. Use the SAXDriver class as your entry point, as the internal parser interfaces are subject to change.

Written by David Megginson <dmeggins@microstar.com> (version 1.2a with bugfixes)

Updated by David Brownell <david-b@pacbell.net>

2000/02/26 04:30:20
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Definition at line 62 of file XmlParser.java.

Public Member Functions

Enumeration declaredAttributes (String elname)
Enumeration declaredElements ()
Enumeration declaredEntities ()
Enumeration declaredNotations ()
String getAttributeDefaultValue (String name, String aname)
int getAttributeDefaultValueType (String name, String aname)
String getAttributeEnumeration (String name, String aname)
String getAttributeExpandedValue (String name, String aname) throws Exception
int getAttributeType (String name, String aname)
int getColumnNumber ()
String getElementContentModel (String name)
int getElementContentType (String name)
String getEntityNotationName (String eName)
String getEntityPublicId (String ename)
String getEntitySystemId (String ename)
int getEntityType (String ename)
String getEntityValue (String ename)
int getLineNumber ()
String getNotationPublicId (String nname)
String getNotationSystemId (String nname)
String intern (char ch[], int start, int length)

Static Public Attributes

static final int ATTRIBUTE_CDATA = 1
static final int ATTRIBUTE_DEFAULT_FIXED = 34
static final int ATTRIBUTE_DEFAULT_IMPLIED = 32
static final int ATTRIBUTE_DEFAULT_REQUIRED = 33
static final int ATTRIBUTE_ENTITIES = 6
static final int ATTRIBUTE_ENTITY = 5
static final int ATTRIBUTE_ENUMERATED = 9
static final int ATTRIBUTE_ID = 2
static final int ATTRIBUTE_IDREF = 3
static final int ATTRIBUTE_IDREFS = 4
static final int ATTRIBUTE_NMTOKEN = 7
static final int ATTRIBUTE_NMTOKENS = 8
static final int ATTRIBUTE_NOTATION = 10
static final int ATTRIBUTE_UNDECLARED = 0
static final int CONTENT_ANY = 1
static final int CONTENT_ELEMENTS = 4
static final int CONTENT_EMPTY = 2
static final int CONTENT_MIXED = 3
static final int CONTENT_UNDECLARED = 0
static final int ENTITY_INTERNAL = 1
static final int ENTITY_NDATA = 2
static final int ENTITY_TEXT = 3
static final int ENTITY_UNDECLARED = 0

Package Functions

void doParse (String systemId, String publicId, Reader reader, InputStream stream, String encoding) throws Exception
void setHandler (SAXDriver handler)
 XmlParser ()

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Private Member Functions

void cleanupVariables ()
void copyIso8859_1ReadBuffer (int count, char mask) throws IOException
void copyUcs2ReadBuffer (int count, int shift1, int shift2) throws SAXException
void copyUcs4ReadBuffer (int count, int shift1, int shift2, int shift3, int shift4) throws SAXException
void copyUtf8ReadBuffer (int count) throws SAXException, IOException
void dataBufferAppend (char ch[], int start, int length)
void dataBufferAppend (String s)
void dataBufferAppend (char c)
void dataBufferFlush () throws SAXException
void dataBufferNormalize ()
String dataBufferToString ()
Enumeration declaredAttributes (Object element[])
void detectEncoding () throws SAXException, IOException
void encodingError (String message, int value, int offset) throws SAXException
void error (String message) throws SAXException
void error (String message, char textFound, String textExpected) throws SAXException
void error (String message, String textFound, String textExpected) throws SAXException
Object extendArray (Object array, int currentSize, int requiredSize)
void filterCR (boolean moreData)
Object[] getAttribute (String elName, String name)
int getContentType (Object element[], int defaultType)
Hashtable getElementAttributes (String name)
int getNextUtf8Byte (int pos, int count) throws SAXException, IOException
void initializeVariables ()
final boolean isWhitespace (char c)
void parseAttDef (String elementName) throws Exception
void parseAttlistDecl () throws Exception
void parseAttribute (String name) throws Exception
void parseCDSect () throws Exception
void parseCharData () throws Exception
void parseCharRef () throws SAXException, IOException
void parseComment () throws Exception
void parseConditionalSect () throws Exception
void parseContent () throws Exception
void parseContentspec (String name) throws Exception
void parseCp () throws Exception
void parseDefault (String elementName, String name, int type, String enum) throws Exception
void parseDoctypedecl () throws Exception
void parseDocument () throws Exception
void parseElement () throws Exception
void parseElementdecl () throws Exception
void parseElements () throws Exception
void parseEntityDecl () throws Exception
void parseEntityRef (boolean externalAllowed) throws SAXException, IOException
void parseEnumeration (boolean isNames) throws Exception
void parseEq () throws SAXException, IOException
void parseETag () throws Exception
void parseMarkupdecl () throws Exception
void parseMisc () throws Exception
void parseMixed () throws Exception
void parseNotationDecl () throws Exception
void parseNotationType () throws Exception
void parsePEReference () throws SAXException, IOException
void parsePI () throws SAXException, IOException
void parseProlog () throws Exception
String parseTextDecl (boolean ignoreEncoding) throws SAXException, IOException
void parseUntil (String delim) throws SAXException, IOException
void parseWhitespace () throws Exception
String parseXMLDecl (boolean ignoreEncoding) throws SAXException, IOException
void popInput () throws SAXException, IOException
void pushCharArray (String ename, char ch[], int start, int length) throws SAXException
void pushInput (String ename) throws SAXException
void pushString (String ename, String s) throws SAXException
void pushURL (String ename, String publicId, String systemId, Reader reader, InputStream stream, String encoding) throws SAXException, IOException
void read8bitEncodingDeclaration () throws SAXException, IOException
int readAttType () throws Exception
char readCh () throws SAXException, IOException
void readDataChunk () throws SAXException, IOException
String[] readExternalIds (boolean inNotation) throws Exception
String readLiteral (int flags) throws SAXException, IOException
String readNmtoken (boolean isName) throws SAXException, IOException
void require (char delim) throws SAXException, IOException
void require (String delim) throws SAXException, IOException
void requireWhitespace () throws SAXException, IOException
void setAttribute (String elName, String name, int type, String enumeration, String value, int valueType) throws Exception
void setElement (String name, int contentType, String contentModel, Hashtable attributes) throws Exception
void setEntity (String eName, int eClass, String pubid, String sysid, String value, String nName)
void setExternalDataEntity (String eName, String pubid, String sysid, String nName)
void setExternalTextEntity (String eName, String pubid, String sysid)
void setInternalEntity (String eName, String value)
void setNotation (String nname, String pubid, String sysid) throws Exception
void setupDecoding (String encodingName) throws SAXException, IOException
void skipWhitespace () throws SAXException, IOException
String tryEncodingDecl (boolean ignoreEncoding) throws SAXException, IOException
boolean tryRead (String delim) throws SAXException, IOException
boolean tryRead (char delim) throws SAXException, IOException
boolean tryWhitespace () throws SAXException, IOException
void unread (char ch[], int length) throws SAXException
void unread (char c) throws SAXException

Static Private Member Functions

static boolean isExtender (char c)
static boolean tryEncoding (byte sig[], byte b1, byte b2)
static boolean tryEncoding (byte sig[], byte b1, byte b2, byte b3, byte b4)

Private Attributes

int baseEncoding
char baseInputBuffer []
int baseInputBufferLength
int baseInputBufferStart
InputStream baseInputStream
String basePublicId
Reader baseReader
String baseURI
int column
int currentByteCount
String currentElement
int currentElementContent
char dataBuffer []
int dataBufferPos
Hashtable elementInfo
int encoding
Hashtable entityInfo
Stack entityStack
boolean expandPE
URLConnection externalEntity
SAXDriver handler
boolean inCDATA
boolean inLiteral
Stack inputStack
InputStream is
int line
char nameBuffer []
int nameBufferPos
Hashtable notationInfo
boolean peIsError
byte rawReadBuffer []
char readBuffer []
int readBufferLength
int readBufferOverflow
int readBufferPos
Reader reader
boolean sawCR
int sourceType
Object symbolTable [][]
int tagAttributePos
String tagAttributes []

Static Private Attributes

static Hashtable attributeTypeHash
static final int CONTEXT_LITERAL = 1
static final int CONTEXT_NORMAL = 0
static int DATA_BUFFER_INITIAL = 4096
static final int ENCODING_ASCII = 9
static final int ENCODING_EXTERNAL = 0
static final int ENCODING_ISO_8859_1 = 2
static final int ENCODING_UCS_2_12 = 3
static final int ENCODING_UCS_2_21 = 4
static final int ENCODING_UCS_4_1234 = 5
static final int ENCODING_UCS_4_2143 = 7
static final int ENCODING_UCS_4_3412 = 8
static final int ENCODING_UCS_4_4321 = 6
static final int ENCODING_UTF_8 = 1
static final int INPUT_BUFFER = 4
static final int INPUT_EXTERNAL = 2
static final int INPUT_INTERNAL = 1
static final int INPUT_NONE = 0
static final int INPUT_READER = 5
static final int INPUT_STREAM = 3
static final int LIT_ATTRIBUTE = 8
static final int LIT_DISABLE_CREF = 32
static final int LIT_DISABLE_EREF = 64
static final int LIT_DISABLE_PE = 16
static final int LIT_ENTITY_CHECK = 128
static final int LIT_ENTITY_REF = 2
static final int LIT_NORMALIZE = 4
static int NAME_BUFFER_INITIAL = 1024
static final int READ_BUFFER_MAX = 16384
static final int SYMBOL_TABLE_LENGTH = 1087
static final boolean USE_CHEATS = true

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